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Healthcare Background

  • Recruited by Computer Sciences Corporation from IBM to lead the landmark 1996 Efficient Healthcare Consumer Response (EHCR) study, I facilitated the Presidents/CEOs (and lawyers!) of 60 medical device companies in documenting how $11 billion in savings could be reaped from the medical/surgical supply chain if the companies implemented the best practices identified in the study.  I wrote the book  identifying the benefits and how to secure them and then led CSC into the US healthcare value chain, selling the EHCR “best practices” and implementing CSC’s IT systems for medical/surgical device manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, Group Purchasing Organizations,  Integrated Delivery Networks and into clinical sites of care, local and extended.


  • At a small boutique research and consulting firm, I led the world-wide research study of the effectiveness of SAP’s healthcare solution, and wrote a “Rapid Return on Investment” program for SAP healthcare.  I also led the SAP Sales effort using the “Rapid ROI” model to document the hard-dollar return for implementing the enterprise resource package across the Canadian hospital systems.  My team was described by SAP and their customers as “partners of gold” for our success in this endeavor. I did similar work for Oracle and other healthcare ERP providers and multiple best-of-breed vendors like Lawson, McKesson, and Cerner.


  • I was a founding partner of “Collaborations in Healthcare,” an outcomes-based firm dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes via technologies that supported “Virtual Hospitals/Laboratories,” especially for the elderly population that consumes 60% of healthcare costs.                                                                           

  • At Marsh & McLennan, I led regional healthcare office teams in identifying, transferring or mitigating supply chain risks in the healthcare value chain. I was the M&M keynote speaker at the London and San Jose Global Risk Management client conferences.                                                                     

  • Within GE eHealth, I sold GE’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) to the federal government, the 50 states, and large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) via channel partners.  I also supported global partnership HIE initiatives with HP, IBM and Accenture that won its first state-wide HIE in 2011.  I also led the GE team that won an alliance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of California to provide population health and patient-centered medical home care within their 59 ACO initiatives on the West Coast.  During this time, I was an active member of the consumer workgroup developing the Washington Health Information Exchange (HIX). 

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